Thursday, September 25, 2008


Well, Meg has been in Girl Scouts for 3 years now and is going into the 4th year this year and Shane is now a Tiger Scout as of this week. Meg has Girl Scouts on Monday and Shane has Boy Scouts on Tues and they are both in soccer also. Luckily they both have soccer practice at the same field on Weds afternoon and Meg also practices Friday afternoon. Saturday's and sometimes on Sunday's are the games. Meg has an all girl team this year and Shane has 6 boys and 2 girls on his team. They also both got their progress reports today for school and are both doing very good and they both enjoy being in school and love to read. Katelyn keeps my days busy while Meg and Shane are in school with all of her therapies. Katelyn is now back into PT once again after my push to get her re-evaluated last week. Now she is doing PT twice a week at a great place called "Abilities Plus" and her other therapies are at home which include SLP, OT and her EI teacher so 4 out of 5 days a week are spent with Katelyn doing one therapy or another 1-2 times a day. All of this therapy has proved very worthwhile and she has done remarkably well considering what she has been through. She was given the diagnosis of dyspraxia in July by her neurologist, which I was kind of expecting as most kids that have had Infantile Spasms end up with some sort of speech problem (diagnosed typically as apraxia or dyspraxia). Just in these past few weeks she has made so much progress that I am loving in her speech by doing lots of babbling and trying to say some more words. I know it must be so hard for her to deal with some days when she just cannot say what she wants.